FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe abruptly steps down

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe abruptly steps down earlier than his planned departure in March. CBS News reports that there is competing narrative between the Justice Department saying that he was “told to go” and the FBI stating that it was his decision. 

Although McCabe is stepping down today, his official end date will remain on March 18th when he turns 50 and completed 20years on the job, making him eligible to receive his pension.

After FBI Director James Comes was fired last May, McCabe as the deputy director took interim charge as the FBI. McCabe has been under intense pressure from the Trump WhiteHouse for his part in leading the TrumpRussia investigation.

James Comey has weighed in on news of the resignation and praises McCabe for his service.



Plastic surgery means saying goodbye to old friendships

When I was in my mid 20s, I had lost a lot of friends that I had known since grade school/high school. The culprit: plastic surgery.

People that get plastic surgery around that age (or younger) change after their procedure(s). It’s almost like there’s a personality implant that comes with plastic surgery.

Last friend was “Dee”, who I had known since high school. Dee called me up after she had breast augmentation done and asked if I wanted to come by to check out her new curves. I said sure but knew then that was likely the beginning of the end of another friendship.

When I got to her house, another friend was already there helping Dee sip some water – she was bruised up from the procedure and was resting in bed. She looked so different with her new curves – its hard to explain but she wasn’t the same Dee that I had known for years anymore.

Dee explained that the new implants were pushed up closer to her chin because her body chest cavity still needed time to adjust and make room first – they eventually would drop into their proper places after a few weeks. It was her first procedure and she had gone from a size A-cup to a full size C-cup so the difference was noticeable – she wanted to go up to the desired D-cup but had to wait until her body could intake a larger size. She offered for me to feel them and I felt stiff cushions. It wasn’t natural. My friend looked different and had stiff cushions in her chest. 

Few weeks later after her implants had set into place, she went off on vacation with her boyfriend to Mexico, at a beach resort. She sent pictures during that trip, where it was mostly her showing off her new curves in new bikini tops/new low-cut tops that all amplified her new bosom. She was proud of her décolletage and wanted to show it in every picture.  The old Dee would have sent pictures of her bike riding or shopping/finding interesting things she came across. The new Dee was all about boobs! Check out these boobs!

When Dee got back from her trip, a small group of friends all agreed to meet up with her for lunch so we could hear more about the trip/check out some more photos. That outing was the last time I saw her. Dee no longer resembled the old Dee in any way anymore. She had a tan from her vacation but she also had a different energy and presence about her – she was cocky and irritable, sarcastically smiling about something one minute and then frown-complaining about something else the next while flaunting off her cleavage in a sheer top that also showed her pushed-up bra underneath. It wasn’t confidence – it was arrogance/narcissism even. Most of the conversation was on the fights she had with her boyfriend during the trip, who didn’t like her new curves or the attention that they brought either. The whole outing felt weird. Gone were giggles/laughs from girl-time, from women sharing stories/jokes/gossips and opinions. That got replaced with who was checking her out when and how that annoyed her how. It was superficial and fake.

It was something I had come across with other friends as well that had work done like rhinoplasty, eye lid folds, new chins, or breast augmentations. With a different body/different look, they become different people. I also have come to notice that people who are fine with carrying around fake parts within them are usually fine with fakeness in general (i.e. lies like “these are real”). 

The twenties are about “finding yourself”. I wish people would do that without plastic surgery. They are young and beautiful already as is at that age, why mess with it.

Fake followers? No, thanks

Ethics does matter. When someone offers to sell you fake followers, don’t buy them. Fake is fake is fake – it’s deception and it’s a flat-out lie.

When I first joined Twitter in November 2015, I frequently got offered to buy fake followers from various rogue/anonymous accounts selling them in packs of 5K and up, and for as a little as $2USD.

At that time, Donald Trump already was making headway with his social media use and generating a lot of publicity from his tweets. His followers count grew by the minute as MAGA, fervent in their support for Trump, started flooding social media. 

NOW, Twitter users are aware that Trump’s followers are mostly bot accounts and those bot accounts are tweeting from a troll farm in Russia. People who purchase fake followers online not only compromise their personal data/credit card information to unknown entities operating in foreign countries, where bot accounts are made in the millions, but they also deceive the greater public and their sponsors on their perceived role as a social media influencer. 

Trump had an affair? Yawn. Why the Stormy Daniels affair isn’t a bigger deal

Question that keeps coming up on social media is, “Why isn’t the Stormy Daniels affair a bigger deal?”. Trump had a nearly year long affair with a porn star and all kinds of salacious details keep coming out from that tryst. 

Answer quite frankly is because it comes as no surprise. Trump is a serial adulterer and words like “integrity”, “morality”, or “respectable” don’t get associated with him. 

IF the Stormy Daniels affair happened during Trump’s first marriage, when less was known about him and how he did business, then it would have mattered more or made a bigger impact. By now, Trump already has cheated on and divorced two wives so it comes as no shocker. He cheated on first-wife Ivana with second-wife Marla and Marla with other women, even bragging about it by using his alter egos “John Miller” and “John Bannon”.

There also is not a lot of public sympathy for Trump’s third wife, Melania Trump (aka Moo). She appeared all too happy to go along with Trump scheming/scamming others when it suited her – check out her birtherism interview and the Sunshine LLC case where she lied under oath about having a college degree. Also, no one is fooled on why a Yugoslavian woman from a former communist-bloc country married a man 24years her senior and settled on being his third wife.


NewYork Attorney General investigating Devumi, a service that sells fake followers to social media influencers

NewYork AG Eric Schneiderman has put out the following response to NYTimes exposé.

Devumi has at least 3.5M fake bot accounts that it purchases from “bot makers” all over the world and sells them to more than 200,000 customers that include Randy Bryce, Louise Linton, Kathy Ireland, Hilary Rosen, and Martha Lane Fox, who sits on Twitter board. Its higher quality bots are made up of stolen social identities from real people.

No Sympathies for Moo? Social media laughs off Melania Trump

Social media reactions to Melania Trump’s spokeswoman decrying FakeNews have been met with humor and questions on what exactly Moo has done in her role as first floozy lady. Also, some have pointed out that Moo is Trump’s third wife – he already had been married to 2 other women before and cheated on both. 

As a recap, Moo has not pushed any legislations for a niche policy, set up any advocacy groups for a set agenda, or build up any coalitions to advance a cause. In other words, Moo has been completely useless in her role as first floozy lady while jet setting around at taxpayers expense – mostly to accompany Trump on his overseas trips. Moo did make a speech once against bullying at the U.N. without the slightest bit of awareness and if that wasn’t oblivious enough, she did it while decked out in a hot pink/puffy dress for a woman who was pushing 50 – and who was delivering remarks before a world stage. 


Me Maybe Not. Hillary puts out mild response on not firing top advisor accused of sexual harassment

Hillary Clinton responded via Twitter to a NYTimes report that she shielded faith adviser, Burns Strider, from getting fired after he was accused of sexual harassment. She started by pointing out that the incident was “something that happened in 2008” and went on to say that she was “dismayed when it occurred”.

Hillary also followed up the next tweet to say that she reached out to the female staffer and let her know “how proud I am of her”. 

No mentions were made as to why she didn’t fire Burns Strider at the time, or why he was allowed to return back to the campaign without completing any counseling.

Also, no comments were made regarding the 2016 incident where Burns Striders subsequently got fired from a pro-Clinton PAC, Correct the Action, after several months of workplace issues including another allegation of sexual harassment by a female aide working there.