Fake followers? No, thanks

Ethics does matter. When someone offers to sell you fake followers, don’t buy them. Fake is fake is fake – it’s deception and it’s a flat-out lie.

When I first joined Twitter in November 2015, I frequently got offered to buy fake followers from various rogue/anonymous accounts selling them in packs of 5K and up, and for as a little as $2USD.

At that time, Donald Trump already was making headway with his social media use and generating a lot of publicity from his tweets. His followers count grew by the minute as MAGA, fervent in their support for Trump, started flooding social media. 

NOW, Twitter users are aware that Trump’s followers are mostly bot accounts and those bot accounts are tweeting from a troll farm in Russia. People who purchase fake followers online not only compromise their personal data/credit card information to unknown entities operating in foreign countries, where bot accounts are made in the millions, but they also deceive the greater public and their sponsors on their perceived role as a social media influencer. 


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