Trump had an affair? Yawn. Why the Stormy Daniels affair isn’t a bigger deal

Question that keeps coming up on social media is, “Why isn’t the Stormy Daniels affair a bigger deal?”. Trump had a nearly year long affair with a porn star and all kinds of salacious details keep coming out from that tryst. 

Answer quite frankly is because it comes as no surprise. Trump is a serial adulterer and words like “integrity”, “morality”, or “respectable” don’t get associated with him. 

IF the Stormy Daniels affair happened during Trump’s first marriage, when less was known about him and how he did business, then it would have mattered more or made a bigger impact. By now, Trump already has cheated on and divorced two wives so it comes as no shocker. He cheated on first-wife Ivana with second-wife Marla and Marla with other women, even bragging about it by using his alter egos “John Miller” and “John Bannon”.

There also is not a lot of public sympathy for Trump’s third wife, Melania Trump (aka Moo). She appeared all too happy to go along with Trump scheming/scamming others when it suited her – check out her birtherism interview and the Sunshine LLC case where she lied under oath about having a college degree. Also, no one is fooled on why a Yugoslavian woman from a former communist-bloc country married a man 24years her senior and settled on being his third wife.



Melania Trump’s spokeswoman says MeToo! … in decrying FakeNews

Melania Trump’s spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, has hit back on reports that Moo is estranged from her husband after cancelling a planned trip to Davos, where the reason given was “scheduling and logistical issues”.

Moo instead flew to West Palm Beach, Florida on an unannounced trip amidst reports that Donald Trump had a nearly year long affair with porn star, Stormy Daniels, months after she had given birth to their son. 

DailyMail reported that Moo has been “spending time away from Trump and the White House” and staying at a DC hotel. Well, let’s all hope that Moo is picking up her own tabs and not charging them off to taxpayers – though given Moo’s track record as a welfare case and all-around moocher, highly doubt it.


Stormy Daniels to appear on JimmyKimmelLive right after State of the Union address on Jan 30th

Jimmy Kimmel Show has confirmed that Stormy Daniels will appear on the program, after Trump gives his State of the Union speech on Jan. 30th. It would be the first interview for the adult actress since news came out that she had a nearly year long affair with Donald Trump, months after Melania Trump gave birth to their son. Details of the affair have been reported across various outlets, which includes her not being impressed  with Trump in the bedroom.