Me Maybe Not. Hillary puts out mild response on not firing top advisor accused of sexual harassment

Hillary Clinton responded via Twitter to a NYTimes report that she shielded faith adviser, Burns Strider, from getting fired after he was accused of sexual harassment. She started by pointing out that the incident was “something that happened in 2008” and went on to say that she was “dismayed when it occurred”.

Hillary also followed up the next tweet to say that she reached out to the female staffer and let her know “how proud I am of her”. 

No mentions were made as to why she didn’t fire Burns Strider at the time, or why he was allowed to return back to the campaign without completing any counseling.

Also, no comments were made regarding the 2016 incident where Burns Striders subsequently got fired from a pro-Clinton PAC, Correct the Action, after several months of workplace issues including another allegation of sexual harassment by a female aide working there.


Hillary Clinton re-assigned a female staffer after she accused a top advisor of sexual harassment in 2008 – the advisor, Burns Strider, was brought back in 2016 to lead a pro-Clinton PAC but subsequently got fired after more workplace issues came up

In 2008, a young staffer working for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign accused top advisor, Burns Strider, of repeated sexual harassment. The complaint initially was reported to national director of operations, Jess O’Connell, who then brought it to the attention of campaign manager, Solis Doyle, with the recommendation that Burns get fired from the campaign. Doyle took on that advice up to Hillary Clinton, who relented on the firing and instead ordered Strider to undergo counseling and dock several weeks of pay. The female staffer was moved to a new job and no longer had to report up to Strider.

Burns Strider was the faith advisor for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign and a co-founder of the progressive Christian lobbying firm, American Values Network. Strider got hired on again in the 2016 Election to lead the PAC, Correct the Record, created by political operative David Brock for opposition research.

Burns Strider subsequently got fired from Correct the Record after several months when more workplace issues came up including an allegation that he harassed a young female aide.