Trump had an affair? Yawn. Why the Stormy Daniels affair isn’t a bigger deal

Question that keeps coming up on social media is, “Why isn’t the Stormy Daniels affair a bigger deal?”. Trump had a nearly year long affair with a porn star and all kinds of salacious details keep coming out from that tryst. 

Answer quite frankly is because it comes as no surprise. Trump is a serial adulterer and words like “integrity”, “morality”, or “respectable” don’t get associated with him. 

IF the Stormy Daniels affair happened during Trump’s first marriage, when less was known about him and how he did business, then it would have mattered more or made a bigger impact. By now, Trump already has cheated on and divorced two wives so it comes as no shocker. He cheated on first-wife Ivana with second-wife Marla and Marla with other women, even bragging about it by using his alter egos “John Miller” and “John Bannon”.

There also is not a lot of public sympathy for Trump’s third wife, Melania Trump (aka Moo). She appeared all too happy to go along with Trump scheming/scamming others when it suited her – check out her birtherism interview and the Sunshine LLC case where she lied under oath about having a college degree. Also, no one is fooled on why a Yugoslavian woman from a former communist-bloc country married a man 24years her senior and settled on being his third wife.



No Sympathies for Moo? Social media laughs off Melania Trump

Social media reactions to Melania Trump’s spokeswoman decrying FakeNews have been met with humor and questions on what exactly Moo has done in her role as first floozy lady. Also, some have pointed out that Moo is Trump’s third wife – he already had been married to 2 other women before and cheated on both. 

As a recap, Moo has not pushed any legislations for a niche policy, set up any advocacy groups for a set agenda, or build up any coalitions to advance a cause. In other words, Moo has been completely useless in her role as first floozy lady while jet setting around at taxpayers expense – mostly to accompany Trump on his overseas trips. Moo did make a speech once against bullying at the U.N. without the slightest bit of awareness and if that wasn’t oblivious enough, she did it while decked out in a hot pink/puffy dress for a woman who was pushing 50 – and who was delivering remarks before a world stage. 


Hannity dismissed NYTimes report as FakeNews but minutes later conceded it was accurate after FoxNews also picked up the story – Hannity then quickly cut to a high speed police chase

After ranting against the NewYorkTimes reporting that Trump tried to fire Special Counsel Bob Mueller last June, Hannity conceded minutes later that the story could be accurate after a FoxNews correspondent confirmed a source backing some of the details in the report. Hannity then quickly cut to a high speed police chase in Arizona.

Like father, like daughter… Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump decry FakeNews at latest reports

Ivanka Trump has denied reports that she is heading a search to replace WhiteHouse Chief of Staff John Kelly. The first daughter and rumored “real wife” according to Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury, has responded back that she normally does not respond back but felt compelled to dismiss the reporting as FakeNews.

When reporters asked Donald Trump, in Davos, on the latest NewYorkTimes story that he tried to fire Special Counsel Bob Mueller last June, Trump responded back “Fake news, folks. Fake news”. 


Trump Does Davos and Gets Booed

While talking to a packed room with WEF founder/executive chairman Klaus Schwab, Trump lamented that he was constantly getting attacked from “nasty, mean and fake” press after getting elected president. Boos were soon heard from the back of the room while some in the audience laughed at his remarks.

Trump was there to give a keynote speech on his economic agenda “America Is Open for Business”, which highlighted the newly passed GOP tax legislation that cuts corporate tax rates.

After his speech, Trump tweeted that he was heading back from Davos and appeared happy with his performance there. 


Oops, is that racist? Trump apologizes for retweeting viral anti-Muslim videos

Speaking to Piers Morgan in an ITV interview,  Trump continues to assert that he is the “least racist person that anybody’s going to meet” and claims to know nothing about the far-right nationalist group Britain First from which he retweeted 3 anti-Muslim videos.

The apology came after Trump met with British PM Theresa May, where the two leaders re-affirmed the US-UK special relationship “as strong as ever” and Trump promised a “tremendous” increase in trade with the UK.

Trump has yet to visit the UK on an official state visit amid concerns of large scale protests.